Monday, September 19, 2016

1 Day Walking Tours- One Day Walking Safaris in Nairobi Kenya- Kenya Walking Trips

1 Day Walking Tours. One Day Walks in Nairobi are full 1 day trips (One (1) Day Nairobi Kenya) safaris to day trips near Nairobi like Amboseli 1 day, Nakuru 1 day, hells gate, Longonot hike etc. The walking tours are however more restricted in other parks than in others. Hells gate and Longonot allow walking in any part of the park.

Longonot 1 Day Walking Safaris

Longonot 1 day walking safari is a full day hiking trip to Mt Longonot national park located some 67km north west of Nairobi. The walking safari is actually the walk up the Longonot Mountain to the crater. The height of Longonot is 2650m asl and the view into the crater is worth all the time scrambling and falling on the slopes to reach the top.

Longonot is very close to Nairobi city and is perfect for a walking day trip from Nairobi. Mt Longonot is a challenging hike but is short enough to do in a day and return to Nairobi in good time for your transit flight out.

Hells Gate National Park Walking Tours

Hells gate is a small park located some 110km north west of Nairobi on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. The hells gate park is famous for its picturesque sights and landscapes which include deep intricately sculptured dry gorges, red coloured high rock cliffs, geysers, deep valleys, rock towers and pillars and savannah grassland. The hells gate national park is very popular as it was the landscape that inspired the scenery of the famous movie Lion King.

Hells gate 1 day walking hike from Nairobi is a full day walk in the park to see all these features and also view wildlife while on foot. The hike can last anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours exploring the deepest depths of the park. You can see all the wildlife in the park without a car as they are accustomed to walkers. The animals to see in your walking safari to hells gate include giraffes, zebras, gazelles,